It’s finally gotten “cold” in Boston this winter, down to the twenties a few times during the day lately.  However, today wasn’t so bad, almost forty degrees.  I decided to go for a walk and since I assumed I might be able to feel my hands today I grabbed the camera and just one lens, the twenty-eight, one of my favs.

Aside from being a little warmer, it was really a spectacular day, which you can probably see from the sky in a few of these shots.  I jetted down the red-line from my loft in Cambridge, and jumped off downtown.  I started clicking when I near the Pru and the BPL.  It was a quick trip, stopping off in the Copley mall briefly, then running out near the Tesla store.  I decided to go through the Fens as the sun was beginning to set.

All in all it was a short photowalk but indeed, a very nice day.

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